last updated 11/14/2017

This web site is now the temporary website for information

on auto-x events organized and run by the

Eastern Idaho Region 


Sports Car Club of America.

Check back to this web page or the EIR SCCA Facebook page for upcoming announcements of auto-x events in the Eastern Idaho area.

Thank you.

Also see the official EIR SCCA Facebook page for the latest club news and event schedule.  Check it out !  


Late, Late, Late.........Breaking News !

The EIR SCCA Facebook page has just clarified some previous confusion

concerning the EIR SCCA club meeting.

It is correctly scheduled for Tue, 11/21, not Tue 11/14,

as had been previously published on the Facebook page.

So......... see you next week at the EIR SCCA club meeting, Tue 11/21.


The local EIR SCCA auto-x event season has been completed and hopefully your auto-x cars are tucked away the garage for the winter, as we have already had several light dustings of snow and a couple accumulations of 1 to 4 inches on the ground already.

However, planning for 2018 auto-x events is already underway.  Come out to the next EIR SCCA club meeting to find out up-to-date details.


Club Meeting

The next EIR SCCA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 21, 2017 at Dixie's Diner, located on Channing Way in Idaho Falls, at 7 pm.  Join us in the large private meeting room in the back of the Diner.

Dinner is available to order from the menu. Main topics to be discussed are the upcoming year end awards party, year end trophy selection, vacant club officer positions that need to be filled for 2018, and possible 2018 auto-x event locations.


Events by other car clubs

NASA open track days at UMC

The NASA Utah region is organizing and running open track day events (HPDE), time attack events, and road race events at the Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC).  You must be a member of NASA to participate in these events.  Events are scheduled approximately once a month through the 2017 year.  Some drivers from Eastern Idaho will be making the drive/tow to UMC to experience these high speed road course events and are looking for more participants to join in the FUN !  More information can be found at NASA UTAH..

Sage Raceway

Sage Raceway is a new 1/8 mile drag strip that has been constructed just west of Idaho Falls.  The drag race schedule has been completed for 2017, with the final race weekend in mid-September.  The dragstrip is located on the corner of 105 West 113 N in Bonneville County.  Food and drink is available for purchase on site during race weekends.  More information is available at the Sage Raceway Facebook page.  2018 should see an even bigger and better race schedule with more local drag racers bringing out new or updated drag race cars.


2017 Eastern Idaho Region SCCA officers

Regional Executive - Kameron Clements

Assistant RE  - Shane Johnson

Secretary -   

Treasurer - Dave Krekel 

Membership Chairman - 

Chief of Waivers - 

Board of Directors:     


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